Photo Mug

The Photo Mug is made of high quality ceramic. Our professionals will permanently imprint your favorite photo onto a Ceramic Photo Mug. The durable Photo Mug will keep your memories alive day after day.

The Photo Mug is dishwasher safe. Since the image and surface of the ceramic mug can be scratched with an abrasive object, care should be taken when loading and unloading the product from the dishwasher. Our Photo Mugs are also microwave safe.

The photo mugs come with the following options/sizes:

Ceramic Mug 11 oz. Ceramic Mug 15 oz. (white only)
Min. Resolution required: 800 x 640 Min. Resolution required: 800 x 640
Product size: 11 oz. Product size: 15 oz.
Photo size: 8 x 3.5 Photo size: 8 x 3.8